Night Exposure

No. 1

It has been sometime since I last touched my DSLR. So I made a decision just yesterday morning to have a date with my camera:) I actually have not tried doing night photography before so this is my first attempt. There are so many places in mind which I wanted to go… like Clarke Quay, Henderson Waves Bridge, Downtown etc… Thanks to all the suggestions from my Twitter followers 🙂 In the end I picked MBS area and drove my way to Singapore Flyer which is my first stop.

I would say night photography is not easy, I spend almost 30-45 mins at each stop… Sometimes you just have to be patience and wait for the right moment… it makes a different when there’s people in the photo and without:) I like doing photography but I’m just not too sure if I like night photography cause it can be quite time-consuming. Started my shoot at 8pm and ended it at around 11.45pm! Overall it is a new experience =)

So here’s my work. Is nothing as compared to those professional as I’m only using the starter kit lens (so embarrassing) so just want to share it with you guys =) I did a little ranking on these pictures, with most satisfied pictures on the top and least satisfied at the bottom :p










Feel free to share your comment (good or bad) on what you think of these photos. Lastly, enjoy your FRIDAY and do catch Dawn Yeoh and myself tomorrow at Shokubutsu iLove Natural Beauty Audition @ iluma 3-7PM.

See you people:)





上个月被 CLEO Magazine 选上参加 CLEO 50 Most Eligible Bachelors,杂志也在昨天刊登了。以前也有好几位朋友被选上过就从来没有想象自己会有这个机会。现在看到自己在杂志上,感觉又是兴奋又有种怪怪的感觉。哈哈。自己也该开始习惯这样的感觉了,毕竟这是我该做的。希望大家多多支持,我也会和大家分享我在这一行的心情点滴。

So what have I been doing??? Archieved the past one month interviews, Thx to many ppl for tagging me in Facebook/Twitter especially my hardworking Juliets from !!! =)

Featured in CLEO – Mar Issue.

Let’s talk about C.L.I.F!
Check out Andie and my interview, Still can’t help but to think back the Heartlander’s days. Also had the honor to be interviewed by our BaguaTV – Paul Chan! Check out the article HERE!

14th Feb – Valentine’s Day Special by Today’s paper.

蕭煌奇 | 末班車

buzzy month!

Been a busy month since I last updated! Recently just ended the 987FM 21 Hot Guys competition. It was a AWESOME night with all my dearest friends come down to support and most importantly was to received positive feedback from the public. =) Check out some of my constipated look while I was singing First Love by Utada Hikaru! waahaha…

Thank you everyone especially the 987’s team for giving the Mr. Glee title to me! Lastly to all the other 20 HOT GUYS, it was my pleasure to know you guys!

Back to TV after a 1yr10mths national service. Glad and honor to be involved in 五福到 where I get to work and learn from professional actors/actress like 汉玮哥 泰铭哥 妃丽姐! =) Below is the last episode of 五福到 my dad helped me to rec.

My next appearance will be 紅白喜事 but I’ll only appear in Ep15 (already lost track of which episode they are airing now). So if still on time maybe you can catch me on the wedding scene of Jade Seah and Bobby Tonelli where I’ll play the best man of Bob =)

WATCHING IRON MAN2 this Saturday!!!! YEAH!!!! Weekend faster come!

meaningful sunday

Honestly, this was my first time doing volunteering work in old folks home. All thanks to my friends who suggested me to help out in emceeing the event 🙂 If not because of them I don’t think I will see myself doing it any sooner.

These old folks are really fun loving but behind their smiles i’m wondering are they really happy? I feel sorry for them that they are not as fortunate like our grandma who have family to celebrate this lunar new year with.

So this little celebration we had today shall bring them warm and joyful moments through out this new year =)

P.S: take a good look at your grandparents and parent because one day our turn will come.

a little here and there.

Monday Oct 19, another start of the week… past few days had been a mixture of happy, excited, satisfied and sad. Grateful to all the things that fall in place for me and with support from friends I got the extra motivation to do my best.

Attended a wake recently, one of my operator’s mother passed away. Thou this not the first time i attended a wake but maybe i’m older now that’s why there’s more impact on me. Life can be so short and full of surprises. I can’t help it but to think one day my loves one will go (esp my parent) so how will I cope with it? Am I doing my best now to bring joy and peace to their life while they still around? Is funny that I only type all this in my blog & diary but never have I tell them face to face that I care & love them so much. Maybe is the practice since young… my family don’t express much (typical S’porean style?) unlike the western they kiss & hug to express their love to the family members.

Well, all I want to say is I love you guys so much. I may not be the best son in the world but both of you are the best parent in my life!


Thanks to Qian Ni for taking this pic during CLEO Rocks @ Zirca (yah, this was a girlfriend t-shirt outfit by Dusty) . It was a very good experience modelling with all these professional models who come all over the world. Some of them shared their experience being in runway for brand like LV & Prada. which I’ll never reach there haha… but it feels great to work with these model. I get to learnt from them as well..

Didn’t take much pics as we were all busy but managed to squeeze 2 pics in haha.

That’s all folks!